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Status: 2024-01-02

Directory Structure


Folder / File Meaning
📁 application Emvicy Framework and libraries, temporary files
📁 config top config folder; gobal
📁 modules ← in here you write your application code
📁 public any public files like *.css, *.js
emvicy command line tool; helps to manage


Folder / File Meaning
📁 cache place for caching files
📁 init skeleton files and utilities
📁 library Core Framework
📁 log default logfile directory
📁 session SessionIDs are stored here by default
📁 smartyPlugins default smartyPlugin directory
📁 templates_c default home for compiled smarty templates
📁 vendor third party libraries installed by composer
composer.json list of third party libraries to install
composer.phar a standalone composer script


Folder / File Meaning
📁 Controller Your Application Controller Classes
📁 DataType Your generated DataType Classes
📁 etc place for install- and config files, docs, routing and individual other stuff
📁 Model Your Application Model Classes
📁 Policy Your Application Policy Classes
📁 templates Template files
📁 Test PHPUnit Test Classes
📁 View Your Application View Classes helper bash script to e.g. install files from modules/{moduleName}/etc/_INSTALL/ to other places helper bash script to copy files from modules/{moduleName}/etc/_INSTALL/public/ to public/
.primary indicator file for primary module


Folder / File Meaning
📁 _INSTALL place for files to install (e.g. copy into public folder)
📁 config Module's config files
📁 doc place for any further Module documentation
📁 event place for Event Listeners. See Registering Event Listeners
📁 policy Policy Rules
📁 routing Routing files
📁 smartyPlugins Smarty template PlugIn files


Folder / File Meaning
📁 {moduleName}
└── 📁 config place for any further Module documentation
_mvc.php further MVC configs (see Module's config folder (overrides 1.), and Example)


Folder / File Meaning
_asset.yaml Asset Sets
_csp.php Content-Security-Policy rules
_datatype.php Module's DataType configuration files
_db.php Database Config
_function.php functions
_routeintervall.yaml Config for RouteIntervall
_session.php Session Rules; Where to enable & disable Session
develop.php Module's environment config file. See Example /modules/Foo/etc/config/Foo/config/develop.php


templates directory structure

├── templates/
│   └── Frontend/
│       ├── content/
│       │   ├── _cookieConsent.tpl
│       │   ├── _noscript.tpl
│       │   ├── 404.tpl
│       │   ├── index.tpl
│       │   └── info.tpl
│       └── layout/
│           ├── footer.tpl
│           ├── index.tpl
│           └── menu.tpl
  • You may find further Information in Topic Frontend