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Status: 2023-12-31



minifies all *.css and *.js files found in the given folder and beneath - recursively. The results are being cached so it will only run once if there are changes made to css/js files.

init(array $aContentFilterMinify = array()) : bool
  • if leaving $aContentFilterMinify empty, the MVC_PUBLIC_PATH (/public/) will be scanned recursively.

Example: minify css/js in given folders

    Config::get_MVC_PUBLIC_PATH . '/Emvicy/styles/',
    Config::get_MVC_PUBLIC_PATH . '/Emvicy/scripts/',

Activating via Event Listener


    'mvc.reflex.reflect.targetObject.before' => [
        // minify css/js files
        function(\MVC\DataType\DTArrayObject $oDTArrayObject) {

If you created a module using emvicy (see Creating a Module) you will already find an Activation via Event Listener in /modules/{module}/etc/event/default.php:

Emvicy Minify


creates a minified CSS file.

minifyCss(\SplFileInfo $oSplFileInfo) : bool


creates a minified JS file.

minifyJs(\SplFileInfo $oSplFileInfo) : bool